Increase company performance by

recognizing talents for their efficiency

Reward employees for their performance, not for hours worked

Create a custom reward program focused on efficiency. Create a value-driven work culture by connecting reward points to goals, projects or business goals.

Points =

Reward per goals delivered

Reward per outcome delivered to customers

Reward per business goal achieved

Integrated within your workflow

Create goals with rewards directly from Jira! Have total control over quality: approve or disapprove every delivery.

You set the goals, you set the rewards

Achieve goals ahead of schedule whilst engaging and rewarding your best talents! See true impact of efficiency on your business.

Create reward for delivering goal on time

Add rewards for early delivery

Approve delivery

Team receives rewards for their efficiency

Use DeTask inside different teams


+ Conversion rates

+ Lead generation

+ Revenue



+ Social media growth

+ New partnerships


+ Outcomes delivered

+ Speed on sprints

- Lead time

Customer Success


- Churn

- Resolution time

Team performance objectively measured

Keep track of your overall company performance as well of each employee. Get a clear view of the financial impact of DeTask in your company.

Performance report

Measure the overall performance of your team

Identify your best talents with objective data

Get fast insights on how to motivate each talent

Financial report

Save by investing on your team

Financial impact of talents on your business

DeTask has the fastest ROI

True impact for our customers!

See how different companies are increasing their performance with DeTask

Theo Miller (CPO), Livetomi

''DeTask accelerated our development cycle. It gave us visibility into the work that was being done and provided incentives to make sure it was executed ahead of schedule. I recommend you check it out!''


4 weeks project

team of 3 people



ahead of schedule


budget saved

Felipe Dias (Founder), Blocklize

''I have been able to meet deadlines that I couldn't before.''


2 weeks sprints

team of 8 people



saved per sprint


goals delivered on schedule

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